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Food and Drink Video & Film

Producing professional films and videos, product reviews, documentaries and video marketing helping business with a with a profitable R.O.I. what do we do?Get in touch

What do we do?

Top Nosh TV’s aims to bring you the very best in food & drink product reviews, short films, documentaries and promotional videos.

Having started off his working life in a butchers and then at a hotel in charge of late night meals with the responsibility for running the bar and cleaning the pipes, Johny Steps certainly knows a thing or two about food and drink.

He later trained in filmmaking and once “sold his soul” to appear in front of camera ‘cooking’ on daytime tv in a food & drink TV series.

Top Nosh TV work with businesses, helping them to produce professional films and videos, with video marketing and helping them establish themselves online showcasing what they are good at with a profitable R.O.I.

Why Video?  and what are the benefits?


Video helps with the increase in enquiries, an increase in business awareness and … an increase in website traffic.

We can make it easy for potential customers to understand your business with a translated video produced to your specifications.

Google loves video, and they reward websites that use videos with a higher search ranking (that may have something to do with the fact that they own YouTube). Adding an explainer video to your site not only converts more visitors, it brings more visitors to be converted.

A great video not only helps your traffic through better search engine rankings, it also has the potential to go viral. Viral videos have helped companies greatly increase their traffic and sales.

Email marketing, despite what experts have predicted for several years, is still the most effective online marketing method. Embedding a video into your email marketing message increases the chance of click-throughs considerably.

Visual content is the most viewed, shared, and liked content on social media by a mile. If you maintain a social media presence for your business or organization, your explainer video provides you a recurring post to keep your message out there.

Using an explainer video automatically gives you a marketing leg-up on any of your competitors that don’t have one.

You only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention when they land on your page, or they’re gone. Pages of text don’t work well, and the best you can hope for is that someone at least skims through it. A short video grabs attention from the start, and most people will sit through a minute or two of video presentation before they’ll read even one page of text.

Video content adds a layer of credibility to your product or service in the minds of consumers and brings them closer to conversion.

How much is a video?

Thats a jolly good question … each video is tailored made to the client’s specific request and needs … so, there isn’t a standard price for video!Lets just say, that prices for video, (and again depending on what a potential client is looking for) starts from around £1000.

Video Product reviews are slightly different as we record these in our studio and office, (old converted conservatory and the kitchen!) so the price is greatly reduced for product reviews.

Sponsorship is also available too with product reviews.

Before embarking on a video production and telling your story to camera, you really need to know what your budget is for the project.


Processing of all video formats
Professionally trained translators and interpreters
All material treated with the utmost confidentiality
Specialist expertise for your particular field

Translation:  Chinese to English and English to Chinese.

中国 德语翻译 中國 德語翻譯

As the world’s leading exporter and number two importer, China has seen it’s translation volume explode over the last ten years. During this period, Visual Business International has excelled in providing language services in multiple industry sectors.


If you need translation from English to Chinese and Chinese to English, our specialist team of interpreters enable us to satisfy demanding expectations time and again – quickly and professionally.


100 Million online views per day



90% of online shoppers find video helpful in making a purchase



6 Billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube

That’s almost an hour for every person on Earth


96% of businesses increased their click-through rate when including a video in an introductory email


Get a quote for a translation video

Visual Business International specialises in e-learning, television programmes, commercials, films, and corporate videos.  Whatever the scale of your requirements, with our global reach, Visual Business International offers professional translation videos. Working across multiple time zones we guarantee to meet your deadlines and communicate your message in any language and any format, allowing you to communicate perfectly with your target audience.

If you would like to personally discuss a specific requirement please fill out our enquiry form or call us:  +44 (0)1458 443573 or 07596 707829.





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