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Creative Director – John Stephens – VISUAL BUSINESS.

What John Stephens can bring to your business is not just his creative innovative approach, nor his coveted qualifications but crucially his years of experience working within corporate and the food and drink film industry.

His experience in programme making (food and drink) BBC afforded him even more experience, this time appearing in front of camera on location. His talents also extend to the written word as a scriptwriter, which has seen the fruits of his labour play out on radio. In his hands your business also benefits from his work as a mentor, regularly working with students at local media colleges and universities.

Visual Business has been a finalist (final 3), 3 times in the last 18 months at the Somerset Business Awards (twice) and the Western Morning News Business Awards, bringing them recognition and rewards for their hard work.

John has at hand an experienced production crew.

Visual Business really do listen to the customers needs and produce highly creative and effective videos. But don’t just take our word for it, take a peek at a few of their Testimonials. 

Visual Business provides businesses with professional and affordable video production services within the West Country and beyond!

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