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1. Use Video to Solve Problems & Provide New Information

To get your videos to rank well for your search terms, you need to provide great content that actually solves problems or provides new information. The good news is that great content usually isn’t difficult or expensive to produce.

This can be as simple as filming a white-boarding session or getting one of your subject matter experts to sit down for a short interview. Ask yourself: what problems or obstacles does my audience faces regularly? How can I show someone how to accomplish their goal faster/better/cheaper?

2. Make Videos Easy to Browse & Link to Individual Video Playback Pages

Group together your video assets and create a user-friendly video resource centre where your viewers can easily search your content.

Set up your video portal or gallery with categories and tags so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and navigate between videos seamlessly.

Avoid the endless stream of video players on a single page. If you’ve ever come across a wall of embedded YouTube videos on someone’s site, you’ll understand just how difficult it is to find what you want.

Instead, make sure you have a separate landing page for each video so search engines can find and index each video asset individually. You’ve invested in your video content, so don’t let a poor video experience take away from that.

More on this next time!